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The user software contains a database of measurements, with basic personal information and data measured. Information about recorded measurements is available, especially time data, channels measured, parameters set. A list of stimuli is also displayed.

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A number of implemented functions can be used when measuring and saving data. The medical professional can show stimuli to the person being measured in several ways, including predefined stimulus sets with detailed parameter settings (order of stimuli, display time, etc.). Triggering of stimuli can vary from manual to fully automatic..

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The application allows for robust administration of stimuli and pictures – from copy through basic editing to defining sets based on individual requirements of the user. Stimuli are sorted in categories by which measured data are evaluated.

For better user experience and more objective results, a statistic module which calculates basic statistics for single stimuli and categories (max value, mean value, Z-score) from user data is included. Statistics calculated are also displayed graphically for clear and comfortable viewing.

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